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Orkney SNP – Scottish National Party. We’re Scotland’s largest political party and the party of Government. We have a solid membership throughout Scotland and the Northern Isles and after the General Election we are proud to be the largest political party in Scotland holding 48 MP seats in Westminster.

We both welcome and encourage you to join our local Orkney SNP branch where you’ll have the opportunity of participating and directly shaping Orkney and Scotland for the benefit of everyone.

Your support for the SNP will demand Scotland’s right to choose its own future.

Orkney SNP Branch

Our Vision and Values

Now is the time to choose a new path for Scotland

The SNP is committed to making Scotland the nation we know it can be. Our vision is of a prosperous country where everyone gets the chance to fulfil their potential. We want a fair society where no one is left behind.

Yet the lowest income households in Scotland are being hit the hardest by Westminster public spending cuts driven by the Tory austerity agenda.

Our vision is of a Scotland with a competitive, fairer and more sustainable economy. In government, we’ve already delivered a great deal of progress for Scotland.

Our vision is of a healthier Scotland. By 2020 people will be living longer, healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting – a vision that puts people first. Through preventative healthcare and care in the community, we can deliver a healthcare system which meets the needs of our people in a caring and effective manner.


We are meeting our commitment to protect the NHS budget. We will ensure that the frontline health budget rises by at least £2 billion by the end of this Parliament. We know that good quality healthcare is the cornerstone to a decent society and we will always strive to provide this for Scotland.

We reject the austerity approach of the Tory UK government and believe in a progressive tax system that supports high quality public services. We have used new powers over Income Tax to make the system fairer and support investment in schools and hospitals.

We are proud of Scotland’s ambition on climate change – we will now step up our action to ensure we maintain Scotland’s reputation as a global leader on tackling climate change.

Too many of the powers needed to deliver our vision for a fairer, more prosperous Scotland still lie at Westminster. The SNP will continue to push for the devolution of further powers to the Scottish Parliament over job creation, taxation, social security and wages to allow us to make policies best suited to our economy.